Amazing Proven System… That a Construction Worker Uses To Generate Over $2000 a Month On Auto-pilot.
The Exact System “The Guru’s” Have Been Using On You For Years…..

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My Name is Bill Hugall and this is my family,

I have been an Internet Marketer for over 5 years now and I have seen just about all there is to see. There seems to be a trend out there of lies, and Hollywood style product sales videos where people are promising you insane amounts of money in like 2 days, and no one seems to be around to actually help you get to where you are supposed to be going.

Who am I? How am I different, and why would you ever listen to me?

As I mentioned I have been doing this for 5 years. I have created many free products to help my readers out with their dreams to become successful online. Then I created Affiliate Attack and with it came the success stories. With over 250 copies sold there was no choice to but to shut it down so I could help everyone.

I have been trained by some of the biggest names in the Internet Marketing community . We are talking about people like Frank Kern: This man made over $1 million dollars in 22 mins in the dog walking niche, and was the consultant hired by Anthony Robbins to set up his Internet presence.

Tristan Bull is my personal friend and mentor. He is responsible for quietly showing his students how to make millions online.

And Alex Jeffery’s who made $1 million in just 21 days.

You may not know who these people are, but you will. These are some of the biggest ethical names in the industry, and the trend setters we all try to keep up with.

These are the people who have guided me through my Internet marketing career. It has literately cost me thousands of dollars to learn this information. Now I would like to guide


If you have been trying to make money online for months or even years than you need to read every word very carefully. My guess is that you have been buying product after product and have yet to see a dime. You set-up websites, You lose you shirt on Google Adwords, and have even purchased traffic in the past, seen millions of viewers and nothing. None of this has anything to do with making money. It is set-up to get you to spending money.

I have no doubt in my mind that you have been working hard and doing everything they tell you to do.You have followed instructions and purchased add-ons and all the latest tools “they say you need” and nothing. For some reason these guru’s keep making massive amounts of money and you keep buying from them. That’s the whole point. Those videos where that guy jumps out of his fancy car and walks into his million dollar home are very good and compelling, but they are nothing more than entertaining. Is it all starting make sense now?

I am not one of those guys!!!! And This Is Not One Of Those products


I am a simple family guy and I still work everyday. Building houses is way more fun when you don’t have to do it ; )

I just broke the mold by saying that I still work. People may be leaving right now, and that is fine by me, because those are the same people who fall for big flashy sales videos and keep chasing those magic push buttons. Those people can leave now as, I have not time for tire kickers here. This system is only for people looking to make some real lasting financial change in their lives.

I’ll tell you. The day I got to look at my wife and say I did it!!!! Was one of the best days of my life. I went from nothing making over $2k a month. I have included my January 2013 sales for this system and January isn’t even done yet.



That is only one stream I use make to over $2000 a month. I am not going to go on and on. Point is that I know how to make money, and I want help you do the same. It is simple, and can be very easy when you have a simple blueprint from someone who knows what they are doing and was in your shoes just 1 short year ago.

I say this so you know that I am not some super unapproachable Guru, I am just like you. The big difference is I make money and you don’t. I was where you are now just over a year ago and it was awful. I Swing a hammer for a living and have no real technical skills at all . So if I can do it so can you.

I would like to show you how to do it. If you don’t mind?


Introducing Affiliate Attack…

DVD Cover Ready

Affiliate Attack is a complete copy and paste system. Once you set it up. You will only need to check on it once a month.

There is no filler or fluff here and you will be working on this in no time. This method is the exact same blueprint the Guru’s have been using for years to make millions online. Now it is you turn to start getting a piece of the action.

What Affiliate Attack is and how it will lead you to success when others have failed
  • The truth about how making money online is actually done

  • How to build a massive list of subscribers that are hungry to buy your products

  • A five part video course where you watch right over my shoulder

  • Tons of traffic methods both free and paid that you can begin using tonight to start driving floods of traffic to your offer

  • A Full graphics pack

  • Done for you products that you can start selling right away and keep 100% of the profits

  • My secret list of marketers I personally use to drive traffic to my offers for me. This is a tightly kept secret

  • One single traffic method that when used can explode your business almost over night.


There is tons more and you will see that when you get inside. Don’t take my word for it. Here is what people who have purchased Affiliate Attack have to say:

I feel like I just won the lottery. I have purchased countless WSOs over the last few years and this one is really unique. Bill spells out exactly how he builds a sales funnel that starts making money the minute you start sending traffic to it.

Here are my favorite features of this WSO:

It is easy to implement – everything is mapped out for you step-by-step.

It is easily scalable – once you learn how to set this up, simply rinse and repeat for another niche

It runs on autopilot – send traffic – make sales. It’s as easy as that.

No special skills are needed – even the newest of newbies can do this.

The author is available to help – if you have questions. He included his private email & encourages you to contact him if something is not clear to you.

“Having read through the main pdf, I can see straight away that this IS a system that will work, because it is similar to a system I have used in one of my niche sites to make money also. However, Bill has added a couple of clever twists which will put extra money in your pocket.

Far too many marketers try to make money from cold traffic without putting the prospect through some kind of warming up process, this system will show you exactly how to gain trust which then leads to sales, and repeat sales.Bill has also included some great resources which will help anybody with technical aspects.

FOR NEWBIES: This is a great way to get started, this isn’t just a ‘make money online’ system, this is a way to start a BUSINESS online. I wish I had just followed something like this when I started 6 years ago.

FOR SEASONED MARKETERS: I would say this is aimed at newbies, but I still managed to learn some new resources, and was also reminded of a couple of things I should be doing in my own business!! ”

Phil Wheatly
“Affiliate Attack, simply put, is – a business in a box. Anyone wondering how to make a steady income online NEEDS to grab this WSO. This is no push button solution, it is a true guideline on how to build a business and steady stream of income for years.

You will not find a hit and run method here, where after a few months the strategy is saturated and you have to move onto the next “shiny” object. Bill shows you the exact methods all the big time marketers use to build their online empire. This is the only way to truly start in IM and stay in IM for years.

If you are a newbie, this is all you will need. If you are a seasoned online vet who continues to struggle, then you are half-way there – Bill’s WSO will be the game changer you’ve been looking for..”


This is a system that people like you are using to succeed and start making money even if you have never made a dime. I know that you are itching to know how much, and I will get to that. I have a massive bonus I want to tell you about quickly.

Tristan Bull’s Guru Overwhelm

Tristan saw what I was doing and how committed I am to making sure you succeed that he wanted to offer his advanced course Guru Overwhelm. This course is amazing and I am grateful to Tristan for adding this to your arsenal not to mention he is giving you the rights to promote and keep 100% of the profits.


This program sold out and was priced out at $1997
  • A full 32 video course

  • How to create your own product and you can do this for free

  • Advanced traffic methods that only the big boys and girls know

  • Why people get stuck and never seem to gain any traction on the internet. Also you will learn how to blast through these road blocks

  • Find out when new products are coming out and how you can capitalize before anyone knows that they exist.

Now this is all worth well over $3500 and when people follow these methods they succeed. As I mentioned before. I want to help you make money. So I am not going to play some silly game of knock down the price. I have just priced so that anyone can afford to get in today.

The thing is…

There will only be a few copies to be sold as I haven’t got the time to help everyone all at once. So go ahead and grab your copy below before they are all gone. This one moved fast before and it will move fast again.




See you on the inside



Our 30/60/90 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

To take all the risk on myself and make this a no brainer for you. If you buy this apply it and don’t make a penny I will gladly send you your money back. If you are unable make money then I have failed you and don’t want your money. This is my success commitment to you.



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